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Tag: AlphaZero

The gambler’s revenge – AlphaZero, the brilliant universal chess champion

Pili, Giangiuseppe; Un mistero in bianco e nero – La filosofia degli scacchi, Bologna: Le Due Torri.

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Is Magnus Carlsen better than AlphaZero? We don’t know actually, but it would be difficult to be argued the opposite. Magnus, appropriately, seems to not taking too seriously this entity more able of him playing chess in the universe. After all, Magnus is too young to bother that a piece of technology could be able to perform a task better than humans. He did not grow up, as I did, in a place and time in which everything about technology and innovation is seen with great suspicious to say the least. Although Italy is still an extreme case, many people were worried when DeepBlue won the match with Garry Kasparov, as it was reported by Tim Van Geleder, in a philosophical analysis in which all the usual concerns were carefully considered.[1]