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Tag: Expert African Intelligence

Interview on African Intelligence with Philani Dhlamini

This interview covers a relevant topic: African intelligence! As an intelligence researcher, I’m always interested in discovering new aspects, stories, and histories of something I studied so much. Philani Dhlamini helped me in discovering more about intelligence in Africa. In addition, I strongly support the diversity of experiences inside a field usually dominated by the US and UK, and, more broadly, by the Anglosaxon world. This is not an accusation because the story of the discipline per se deserves a full appreciation. In addition, and after all, the US and UK especially are at the forefront of the intelligence evolution since the dawn of intelligence as state institution and, now, even in the private sector. That said, it is time to move on, trying to bring different perspectives on intelligence in both theory and history. This is true inside the already consolidated literature. It should be true even beyond it. And then, when Philani agreed to be interviewed by me on this specific topic, I was sure I would have had a glimpse into a new universe. And I hope this will be the same experience the reader will feel and live. Then, it is with my distinct pleasure to publish the interview on Scuola Filosofica – for those who don’t know it yet, is one of the leading philosophical blogs in Italy with a unique series of books, and more than ten years of experience. In the name of Scuola Filosofica Team, our readers, and myself, Dr. Giangiuseppe Pili, Philani: thank you!