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Tag: Ferdinando Angeletti

Brexit and Terrorism: EU Law on Terrorism Facing the Threat of Brexit [Brexit Institute]

It is with my great pleasure to report the blog post for the Brexit Institute (Dublin City University): “Brexit and Terrorism: EU Law on Terrorism Facing the Threat of Brexit“. I want to thank Ph.D. Student and IASTE member, Ferdinando Angeletti, for his major contribution on writing this post. Here you can find the abstract!


UK’s exit from the European Union is still not completed: according to the procedure defined by Article 50 of the European Union Treaty (so-called Brexit) the process is not finished yet. However, it is appropriate to evaluate the legal consequences that it may generate in the near future. The legislation of the EU covers several decades with a particularly thriving normative production in the twenty-five years following the Maastricht Treaty (1992). For the United Kingdom (UK), going back then will not be an easy task. Especially, it will be a delicate process to re-define matters such as criminal law and criminal procedure. In this post, we will analyze the consequences that the UK will face in the legislation on terrorism, focusing our analysis on the European criminal and procedural laws and on judicial cooperation relations in the field of terrorism. Indeed, unless the exit agreements do not provide otherwise, the current agreements will become inapplicable.