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Tag: Geopolitics of chess

Chess, the mirror of geopolitics – Chess as cultural space of world competition

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Chess and geopolitics, chess as a mirror of geopolitics! In this short post chess is presented as the representation of the current geopolitical competition. Chess has traveled the history of humanity from East to West. And now probably chess is returning to the (far) East. The strongest players in the world statistically are already non-Westerners: Chinese, Russian and other nations. During the last world championship (2018), two Western players from NATO block countries competed: USA – Caruana, grown in Italy, a long-time NATO country that also hosts the American atomic warheads and has 12,000 American soldiers, thirds or quarters by number exceeded only by Germany, Japan and South Korea; and Magnus Carlsen from Norway, a NATO country and among the closest to the UK-US influence at least since the Arctic ice has stirred the joint interest of Russia, China and the United States for the control over the new routes of maritime trade, which moves 90% of all world commercial traffic.