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Tag: Intelligence and COVID

Intelligence & Interview #11 – Candyce Kelshall on the Canadian Association for Security & Intelligence Studies

Approved by the Author

This is the eleven official interview on intelligence, technology, and philosophy, now called “Intelligence & Interview”! In this interview, we will bring you to know more about the Canadian Association for Security & Intelligence based in Vancouver. The interviewed is professor Candyce Kelshall, an expert on intelligence, military, and law enforcement. Since I discovered CASIS-Vancouver, I immediately started to closely follow its (many) activities, updates, and forthcoming events. Then, I was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to interview professor Kelhsall on CASIS so as to bring the Canadian Association and professor Kelshall’s experience to our readers. Then, it is with my distinct pleasure to publish the interview on Scuola Filosofica – for those who don’t know it yet, is one of the leading philosophical blogs in Italy. In the name of Scuola Filosofica Team, our readers, and myself, Giangiuseppe Pili, Candyce: thank you!