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Tag: Vagueness

Sorites goes to war – For an ontology of war

Metropolitan Museum of Art / CC0

Pili G., (2020), “The wild bunch is enrolled to the army – Sorites paradox and the problems for the ontology of war”, Areté – International Journal of Philosophy, Human & Social Sciences, VOL. 5, 231-249.

It is with my great pleasure to announce the publication of my last peer-review paper! You can find it here! Don’t wait to download and quote it!

Table of contents: 1. Introduction; 2. The wild bunch is enrolled into the army; 3. Toward an
ontology of war thinking through the Sorites paradox; 4. Conclusions

Abstract1 gunshot is not a war, 2 gunshots are not a war… are 1 million gunshots a war? There is no such thing so investigated as war and, at the same time, still so outcasted theoretically. Ambiguity, vagueness and logical conundrums lay unsolved in the very hardcore of the several theories that considered war from a general perspective and, then, philosophically committed explicitly or implicitly. It is not the experience and observational data we lack but the general
ability to generalize and expand our knowledge beyond what we can directly observe empirically and historically. Sorites arguments are everywhere in war theories: vagueness and ambiguities of many shapes inform the literature. Only a philosophical account of war can solve some of those issues: an ontology of war is needed to bring light into the heart of darkness.