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Tag: Afterlife

Life as an Open-Ended act of Creation – Or Why Life is Unsolvable

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Introduction to the theme – Or an eternal truth about human existence

Recently I was reading about the history of monasticism and science fiction. Though quite different readings, both converged into the same problem, I was recently wondering relentlessly. Though I strive for perfection through reason, a classic philosophical understanding of human endeavor already explored in the blog, I also questioned myself on why this should be worthy. This short post will address the problem of life as an open-ended act of creation due to its ultimate unsolvability.

Because life is unsolvable, it is open to any solution compatible with a very abstract understanding of human nature as dominated by reason. I know I cannot offer the reader something as new as already stated by many, such as Aristotle and Spinoza. However, considering that the best role of any rational being is to be the voice of truth, being truth eternal, there is nothing wrong in restating what is already well known, though imperfectly uttered or formulated.[1]