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Tag: Linguaggio e evoluzionismo

Language between Evolutionism and the Code Model. A criticalanalisys of Ferretti’s work: “Perché non siamo speciali” (2007).


Providing an hypothetical synthesis between contemporary evolutionary theories and the main chomskian paradigm, and starting from a comparison among a Code Model of Language (tailored around an integration of Fodor’s L.O.T. view) and an ongoing original prospective about human language, Ferretti (2007) introduces many theoretical concepts. In this paper I will propose acritics of thosesolutions, underlining some uneasy consequences of his theoretical assumptions (with special regards over the notion of “intelligence”) trying, in the end, to sketch a personal proposal.


Human Language is not totally social driven and conventional, rather its basis is structured beyond a strictly generative process that take part from given set of principles and parameters. With this simple[G1]  idea in mind, Noam Chomsky (1959) wiped away most of the behaviorist approach ambitions[1], changing the rules concerning not only research programs in linguistics but also giving an important impetus to cognitive science in its childhood.