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Tag: Intelligence Gran Bretagna

Sicurezza e Intelligence – Stefano Bonino – A review for the international reader –

Bonino, Stefano; (2020), Sicurezza e Intelligence nel Regno Unito del novecento, Soveria Mannelli: Rubbettino

Sicurezza e Intelligence nel Regno unito del Novecento is a recent book published by Rubbettino, the leading Italian publisher in the field of intelligence studies and security. Stefano Bonino is an accomplished author nationally and internationally, and he proved all his scholarly ability in this fascinating book. The topic has been explored in the international intelligence studies literature, especially looking at Christopher Andrews, Richard J. Aldrich, Rory Cormac, and Michael Goodman’s work – just to name a few. However, this is the first time that the topic is fully covered by an Italian author for the Italian public. Even though this is the most important aspect of the book, which is already a remarkable achievement worthy of being underlined, it would be a good reading also for the international scholar and reader as I will argue.