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Tag: Philosophy

[Segnalazione] Integrating intelligence theory with philosophy: introduction to the special issue

Since I started this blog, its motto was “All we need is philosophy… which is love for knowledge”. Naturally, it was a paraphrasis of Beatle’s song “All we need is love”, an over abused mantra. The irony is that the paraphrasis is almost untouched as philosophy was classically defined by Plato as love for knowledge (or wisdom, or whatever it increases human understanding): “all we need is love for knowledge” is what I would have sung if only I was a good songwriter. “All we need is love for knowledge” seems to be a far better and more universal creed, so much so that so great music composers such as the Beatles did not miss it. As it was said in a private conversation by one of the two editors of the esteemed Intelligence and National Security, this special issue was an act of love toward philosophy. As strange it may sound, as unlikely it could be in hour days, when everything is reduced to brutish emotions and useless sarcasm and cynicism, this is the truth.

Interview on Artificial Intelligence with Jacopo Tagliabue, Lead A.I. Scientist for Coveo

Provided by the Author

Since I had the pleasure to listen to Jacopo Tagliabue’s presentations during my MA – when he was already a PhD candidate, I was struck. It was an important experience for me. It proved to me that intellectual achievements can be explained in a plain, clear, and passionate way. Encountering him during my own studies was a discovery I just tried to reiterate here in this interview. So, Jacopo – thank you for all your achievements. I hope they can be inspiring to many other Italian and international readers as well. I believe we need to speak more about hard-working, insightful people because, after all, the world can be wonderful if we are able to believe in it. Then, it is with my distinct pleasure to publish the interview on Scuola Filosofica – for those who don’t know it yet, is one of the leading philosophical blogs in Italy. In the name of Scuola Filosofica Team, our readers, and myself (Dr Giangiuseppe Pili), Jacopo: thank you!

[1] Dear Dr Jacopo Tagliabue, it is a distinct pleasure and a real honor to be your interviewer, thank you for your interest and availability. I hope you will enjoy the interview! So, thank you for joining Scuola Filosofica – Philosophical School! Let’s start with an introductory question: how would you present yourself to Scuola Filosofica readers?

I am Jacopo! Educated in several acronyms across the globe (UNISR, SFI, MIT), I’m now Lead A.I. Scientist for Coveo, after the acquisition of my own A.I. startup, Tooso. I failed the Turing Test once, but that was many friends ago.