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Tag: What is reality

A sketch of my vision toward reality

I don’t know what “reality” is. As a Kantian, I am only allowed to think that its full comprehension is impossible to my intellect and reason. However, as Kant recognized, nobody can really live without wondering on what reality is. In this respect, I am a neo-spinozist. I believe in an indefinite/infinite universe in which everything happens because a set of causes made it the case. However, this universe is a mechanism with an important feature: there is no organizing principle. There is no purpose in what it creates. Statistically, it allows some particular “creations” which we use to call “men” and “women”. As part of a universal mechanism without specific project, they act as if they are under control of their portion of universe because they see only a very limited portion of reality and then they see, by feedback, that some causal principles allow them to act as they wish (in a certain extent but for them is enough). But this is 90% untrue. Everything outside their direct control – and partially even it – it is a creation which is orchestrated far, very far from them.