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Tag: Business ontology

Ontology as Systematic Classification System

Personal observations and understanding of realist applied ontology


The paper is about my observations and notes on applied ontology as systematic classification systems. The post explores what an ontology is, what is aimed for, how it shaped, what is its philosophical foundation, why this foundation is compatible with multiple philosophical positions. Inside the document, digression and further specifications and arguments are drawn to arrive at a deeper understanding of several multiple facets of the complex universe called ‘applied ontology.’ This is the second step toward the elaboration of a consistent ontology for my family enterprise, which will ultimately be used to ground its expansion in the market. Even though practically oriented, the observations can turn to be useful for all the researchers and scholars who are struggling to understand what an ontology is. That is to say to those who are not driven by a philosophical perspective (only). This is a working progress, and I will be ready to reply to any inquiring, comments, and questions from the interested reader.

Improving your business awareness through philosophy – Structured Classification Analysis for Little Business Firms

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Project denomination – “Improving your business through philosophy – Semantic Classification System for Little Business Firms” – Ontological Pizzeria! – Ancora dei Baruffi – Pizzeria Storica

Partners & Organizing Institutions – Azione Filosofica (Cultural Association), Scuola Filosofica (Blog & Social Media), Ancora dei Baruffi – Pizzeria Storica (Restaurant – Take away)

Project Manager – Dr Giangiuseppe Pili

Project Roles – Project Manager, Analyst, Ontological Designer & Video Maker + External Referee