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Improving your business awareness through philosophy – Structured Classification Analysis for Little Business Firms

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Project denomination – “Improving your business through philosophy – Semantic Classification System for Little Business Firms” – Ontological Pizzeria! – Ancora dei Baruffi – Pizzeria Storica

Partners & Organizing Institutions – Azione Filosofica (Cultural Association), Scuola Filosofica (Blog & Social Media), Ancora dei Baruffi – Pizzeria Storica (Restaurant – Take away)

Project Manager – Dr Giangiuseppe Pili

Project Roles – Project Manager, Analyst, Ontological Designer & Video Maker + External Referee

Project Supervisor & Partners – Mr Giacomo Carrus (President – Azione Filosofica) & Mr Wolfgang F. Pili (Ancora dei Baruffi – Owner – & Treasurer – Azione Filosofica)

Location Firm – Carloforte – Corso Tagliafico 33 – 09014 (Italy)

Abstract – The project is aimed to analyze systematically a little enterprise (restaurant) in detail. The mission is to improve the overall efficiency of the firm through a set of tools devoted to clarifying several aspects of the business, which are mainly: logical structure, production system, production classification and codification, mapping, cataloguing and business intelligence planification. Through the use of an appropriate set of rules (methods) based on Basic Formal Ontology methodologies, a report will underline the many different areas in which the firm can improve its efficiency through developing a systematic awareness of its strength and weaknesses. The report will show also how to translate the renew business awareness into an operational business intelligence plan to identify the real competitors in the market, how to understand their business and operations. An ontological map is given in order to fix the business structure, activity and operations. Finally, as natural consequences of the analysis, an instructional video will be posted on the educational channel of Scuola Filosofica in which the methodologies will be considered with the main outputs of the projects. In addition to the instructional video, a briefer video will be also published, and a social media campaign will follow.

Mission – The general mission of the project is to develop a universal system to increase the business awareness especially suited for little firms (1-5 employees). The system can be amplified to include bigger enterprises, but we are particularly interested to develop a general method to increase competitiveness of little firms.

Methods – The research is based on several methods. First, Basic Formal Ontology guidelines developed by Barry Smith, Robert Arp and Andrew Spear. The method allows to identify the critical nodes of the firm, identify the critical infrastructure, products and practices. The method will be applied to study the firm. After a careful logical reconstruction of the firm structure, production system and classification system applied to products a map of the firm will be given through the mapping software “XMind”. Finally, several analytical tools will be applied after the logical analysis and mapping in order to translate the renew business awareness into the business intelligence plan.

Software & Social Media – XMind (Ontological Mapping), Corel ProVideo 9 (Video Editor), Live Scree Capture (Video), yEd Diagram (Flux Diagram), WordPress (Blogging System), Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube (Social Media).

Main outputs – (1) Analytic Report Business Awareness, (2) ontological map (XMind mapping software) & Flux Diagrams (yEd – Flux Diagram designer), (3) Educational Video on the Methods and Results, (3) Shorter Video about the project, (4) Social Media Campaign.

Impact – The project is aimed to identify a universal system to increasing business awareness particularly suited for little firms but still expandable to bigger enterprises. The project is aimed to demonstrate that is possible to increase the business awareness with appropriate analytical tools, mapping and cataloguing systems applied to a specific business activity. As natural spillover effect, the renewed business awareness can increase the business competitiveness and efficiency of little firms in their own market. The feasibility requires a deep knowledge of the firm in question and the appropriate technical skills to identify the real capital of the firm per se. After reading the report constructed under these premises, the manager can identify sensible products, strength and weaknesses, planning a straightforward business intelligence operation through accurate questions, and he/she can foresee the new areas of development for his/her enterprise. Finally, the manager will be able to increase the firm’s story telling capacity adding it specifics and details about the firm’s renewed philosophy concept and design.

Receivers – Owners of Little firms (1-5 employees) with potential for any bigger firm.

Suggested Materials 

Arp, R, Smith, BD & Spear, AD 2015, Building ontologies with basic formal ontology, The Mit Press, Cambridge Mass
– De Soto, H., (2002), The Mystery of Capital, New York: Basic Books.
– Friedman, M., (1962), Capitalism and Freedom, Chicago: Chicago University Press.
– Pili G. 2020, “The mistery of capitalism is doing things with documents”,
– Pili G. 2019, “Capire Capitalismo e libertà di Milton Freedman”,,
– Smith, B. 2012, “How to do things with documents”, Rivista di estetica, p. 179-198

Grants – The costs of such project vary on the firm complexity – this project will be financed by the main partner of this project.

Approved by Francesco W. Pili (Owner – L’ancora dai Baruffi ), Giacomo Carrus (President – Azione Filosofica), Dr Giangiuseppe Pili (Coordinator – Azione Filosofica – Research Fellow – Intelligence Lab)

Giangiuseppe Pili

Giangiuseppe Pili è Ph.D. in filosofia e scienze della mente (2017). E' il fondatore di Scuola Filosofica in cui è editore, redatore e autore. Dalla data di fondazione del portale nel 2009, per SF ha scritto oltre 800 post. Egli è autore di numerosi saggi e articoli in riviste internazionali su tematiche legate all'intelligence, sicurezza e guerra. In lingua italiana ha pubblicato numerosi libri. Scacchista per passione. ---- ENGLISH PRESENTATION ------------------------------------------------- Giangiuseppe Pili - PhD philosophy and sciences of the mind (2017). He is an expert in intelligence and international security, war and philosophy. He is the founder of Scuola Filosofica (Philosophical School). He is a prolific author nationally and internationally. He is a passionate chess player and (back in the days!) amateurish movie maker.

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