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Tag: ScuolaFilosofica COVID-19

How COVID-19 impacted Scuola Filosofica?

How COVID-19 impacted to Scuola Filosofica (Philosophical School – – Philosophical Blog? Before giving you the data, the state of normalcy of SF was 1500/2000 unique visitors per day with peaks in the middle of the week (Monday-Wednesday and Sunday) and down on Friday and Saturday (with a 30/40% of decrease). SF has more than 10 years of existence, 35 authors, +1150 web pages, 10 technicians, and it is active in the main social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin – through the Team) but the visitors are heavily based on google researchers (95% of all the traffic). So, above is a daily graph of the last 2 months and a half (26 Jan – Today). It must be said that SF knew a constant increase of its unique visitors since its inception. It increased every year steadily and, sometimes, with impressive jumps ahead as in the last year (300.000 unique visitors). However, along with COVID-19 SF boomed, even though this boom has to be coupled with the speed-up technical arrangement due to the excess of average time of page generation (more that 7 seconds). Interestingly, now that the page generation time felt to slightly less than a second (0,85%) the number of bounces (one page view) jumped from 30% to 80% but the average time of visit is now to 3′ minutes and a half.