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Plato and Analytic Epistemology. Has Plato Been Set Aside?


I considered a brief history of epistemology, its themes and its platonic inheritances. I provided some reasons to explain why Plato is often quoted and he is considered the classic author of some of the most important puzzles treated today in the literature. We saw why we spoke about ‘platonic puzzles’, although, I am sure, this would be not so appreciated by Plato! Nevertheless, Plato’s removal is explained by historical reasons and by logical arguments. I underline that historical reasons are the sufficient causes that explain why Plato is substantially ignored by the actual debate in epistemology. g-pili-platone-viii

Giangiuseppe Pili

Giangiuseppe Pili è Ph.D. in filosofia e scienze della mente (2017). E' stato assistant professor ed è il fondatore di Scuola Filosofica, coordinatore dell'associazione Azione Filosofica ed è il responsabile della collana dei libri di Scuola Filosofica. Egli è autore di numerosi saggi e di diversi articoli in riviste internazionali. In lingua italiana ha pubblicato numerosi lavori e libri. Scacchista per passione. ---- ENGLISH PRESENTATION ------------------------------------------------- Giangiuseppe Pili - PhD philosophy and sciences of the mind (2017). He is a former assistant professor in intelligence studies and he is the founder of Scuola Filosofica (Philosophical School) and the Co-Founder of the philosophical association Azione Filosofica (Philosophical Action). He is the editor in chief of the collective series of books based on the blog (Le Due Torri - Publisher). He is a prolific author nationally and internationally. He is a passionate chess player and (back in the days!) movie maker.

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